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    Solar Angel - Candle with Ground Stake

    • Unique grave decoration.
    • It can shine for up to 1000 days.
    • It charges during the day and turns on automatically at night.
    • Water and moisture resistant.
    • Add an inscription / dedication to the candle of your choice.

    Angel - Solar Candle With A Custom Inscription. Unique Grave Decor. Eco-friendly Candle.

    Unique Grave Decor

    Honor the memory of your loved ones with our Solar Candle with the angel design — an extraordinary grave decoration that offers solace and illumination. This elegantly designed solar angel - candle is more than just a tribute; it's a symbol of everlasting love and remembrance.


    Crafted with care our solar angel - candle is designed to bring tranquility to the grave. Cute angel design complements any gravesite and it stands out. The LED light replicates the warm, gentle glow of a real candle, creating a serene atmosphere that pays homage to those who have passed.

    Solar Powered

    Powered by the sun's energy, this candle is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. During the day, it diligently absorbs sunlight through its built-in solar panel, storing the energy in its rechargeable battery. As the night descends, the candle's intelligent sensor detects the absence of light, triggering it to illuminate automatically. With up to 1000 consecutive nights of soft, comforting light, it ensures your loved one's resting place is forever aglow with affection.

    Customization / Personalization

    Make your tribute truly personal by adding a heartfelt inscription or dedication to the candle. Whether it's a loving message, a cherished quote, or the name of the departed, our customization option allows you to create a lasting tribute that speaks volumes. Your words of love and remembrance will be etched onto the candle, ensuring that every night it shines, your sentiments shine through as well.


    The Solar Candle with Ground Stake is designed for ease of use and versatility. It stands at a height of 200mm and boasts a ground stake that firmly secures it in place. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for graves of all sizes, ensuring it can be placed with reverence in any memorial setting.

    As you seek solace and seek to honor cherished memories, our Solar Candle with Ground Stake stands as a beacon of light and remembrance. Its enduring glow, exceptional design, and personalized touch make it a dignified choice for expressing your love and respect. Illuminate the path of your loved ones' eternal rest with a tribute that lasts a lifetime.

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