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    Accordion-shaped Pencil & Paper Slips Holder With Custom Name

    • Personalize the accordion office pencil stand with the name of your choosing.
    • Great gift for any accordion player / fan.
    • Made of quality poplar plywood and beautiful walnut veneer.
    • Paper slips are included.
    • Choose between 3-row (Slovenian) and 4-row (Steirische) accordion.
    Accordion type

    A unique office stand for pencils, slips/business cards in the shape of an accordion will enhance the look of any desk. If you want to have business cards and favorite pens stored in an elegant way, this stand is the right choice for you. This product will impress all fans or players of the accordion. For a unique gift, we can also engrave the name of your choice on the product.

    Difference between designs:

    There is a slight difference between 3-rowed and 4-rowed design. The only difference is in the button layout. Usually, the 4-rowed accordions are more commonly used in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, while the 3-rowed design is used more in Slovenia, France,...

    A gift for accordion players

    If you are looking for a gift for an accordion lover or player, this product is a great choice. With the office stand in the shape of an accordion, pens and paper slips / business cards can be stored in a unique way that will enhance any desk.

    Customization / Personalization

    Choose the name that you want on the accordion pencil stand, and we will make a very special, personalized product for you. Enter the text of your choice in the field above and save the customization before adding the product to the cart. If you don't want personalization, enter: "No inscription" in the field.

    Size and Material

    The pencil/slip holder is made of several pieces of 4 mm thick poplar plywood. Walnut veneer is added as a decorative element. Paper slips are included in the purchase. The product measures 140 mm in length, 70 mm in width, and is 110 mm high. The paper slips are 90 mm x 60 mm in size.

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    Data sheet

    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Material Thickness (mm)
    Protective coating

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